Source of Inspiration

Zenteotl means “First Energy” in Nahuatl, one of the original languages of Mexico and Ixachilan—the American Continent.  Zenteotl is the concept that refers to energy from the Universe that materialized upon earth thousands of years ago and promoted the development of zentli-corn-in Anahuac, the central region of present-day Mexico.


Oral tradition accounts tell how the energy of intelligence, Ketzalkoatl, was guided by tiny ants to find a mountain filled with all of the vital seeds—beans, zentli, squash, and others—necessary for healthy living.  Ketzalkoatl and Tlalok, the rain guardian, worked together to provide seeds for humans to plant and grow during specific seasons.


Thus, the people enjoyed a healthy diet that, in turn, supported mathematical and scientific observation and achievements, including diverse forms of creativity, and a balanced relationship with the earth and her inhabitants.


As we strive to reclaim and recover our zentli consciousness through gardening, farming, and creative expression in our urban environment, we invite our community to join us.

Tlalnepantla Arts | Zenteotl Project


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