Zenteotl First Corn Energy

A multi-media performance based on indigenous Mexican creation stories of corn.


The developing performance joins visual art, music, movement, media arts, and creation stories to shape an aesthetic inspired by pre-Cuauhtemoc oral tradition and ancestral creative expression within a contemporary platform.

Festival de las Calaveras

Twin Cities Latinx Music & Arts Festival

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Festival de las Calaveras is a volunteer-organized multimedia Latinx music and arts festival that’s centered on the traditional and contemporary celebration of Day of the Dead, an indigenous Mexican tradition that celebrates life and honors the memory of ancestors and departed loved ones.


In 2013, the first Festival de las Calaveras was organized to bring awareness to the Zenteotl Project’s community gardening work that is dedicated to planting organic blue corn, and culminates the corn-growing season with the creation of a Day of the Dead ofrenda (offering) on the same plot where the corn was planted and harvested.


The 2013 and 2014 festivals featured over 50 artists, of whom 87% were Latinx. The 2015 festival featured 60 artists, of whom 90% were Latinx. The 2016 festival featured 83 artists, of whom 95% were Latinx, representing multiple artistic genres.



Festival Objectives


Festival de las Calaveras addresses the absence of high quality annually produced Latinx arts showcases in Minnesota. Guiding principles for the festival are to build community through Latinx arts; connect and grow the Twin Cities diverse Latinx arts community; recognize and expose local Latinx artists to the Latinx and broader Twin Cities audiences; and promote artistic collaborations among local, national, and international Latinx artists.


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Art in the garden

We are inspired by the garden’s natural environment and the opportunity it offers to reflect our gratitude for its bounty through art.




Chicomecoatl—Seven Serpents

A sculpture made with mud, tree branches, stones, and other organic materials found in the garden.  A sculpture with a dual purpose: to learn about the earth energy of Chicomecoatl that nurtures the corn during its growth, and to recover traditional architectural building techniques.


Corn-fiber Papermaking Workshop

An exploration of the versatility of the corn plant, respecting its life-giving properties, to create paper—a multi-functional medium.



A mural inspired by the garden in fall; and a second mural created during a Community Emergency Response event, October 2012.



In the fall, at the end of every harvest, we create a tlalmanalli—an offering to the earth, and to collectively remember our ancestors and departed loved-ones.



All garden art projects are created by community artists, Zenteotl Project participants and volunteers.


Tlalnepantla Arts | Zenteotl Project


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